Girls TalkAbout

Girls talk about life's issues at our annual TalkAbout.When a young girl is growing up it can be very difficult. People at school are mean. They don't fully understand hygiene. (But at that age I don't know many that did.) We take a few days to pamper ourselves while the boys are playing in the dirt.

We teach our young ladies how to make make a filling, nutritious meal; how to use their hygiene products, and most important how to handle bad situations in life. We help them know from where to draw their strength. AND...that it is okay to roll your sleeves up and get a little dirty every once in a while.

Our girls range from 6th grade to seniors in High School. This is a time for girls to..yes TALK. We talking about everything that applies to their lives in a safe enviornment. How to handle trying situations and deal with the life a growing teen girl. We make home aid ice cream, make new journals with encouraging verses, paint a new piece of pottery, and enjoy some good ol' fashion girl time!! AND did we mention that it is a SLEEPOVER!! So bring your pillows blankets nail polish and music.

Pastor Kay Robonsin
Abundant Life Church
Silverthorne, Colorado

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Girls TalkAbout

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