Covid-19 Safety Guidelines


It is good to remember that rarely does a church get to publicly demonstrate to our local leadership and our neighbors our commitment to each other’s safety and our strong desire to be good citizens. Our church has a very long and collaborative track record working with our local leaders and we will, once again, support them during this challenging time.

Requirements for holding our Sunday gatherings:


If you are sick or in some way feel vulnerable, have been in contact with someone with Coronavirus, or are experiencing symptoms, please feel free to stay.

Limit on Congregational Size

The CDPHE has limited all public gatherings in the state to 175 for right now. The County has allowed 50. We believe this is doable as we do not have as many tourists as in previous years.

Protection and Safety

As with all public gatherings, wearing masks as well as 6 ft physical distancing are required between families. Please work hard to help us with this as we will likely have people observing us.


Please bring your own lawn chair, blanket, sunscreen, water bottle, hats, and whatever else you need to enjoy the outdoors in a high altitude environment.


Facilities are available in the church. It is important to remember that only ONE person (or family) is allowed at a time.


There is no children’s programming or nursery during this phase. All parents are asked to keep their children with them during the service. side). We’d LOVE to have your children present during our services.

Whew! That’s a lot of rules. Please be in prayer for our church, our members who are compromised or sick, and our neighbors who will be observing us during this time. And… Thank you for being flexible during this challenging time.

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Our church has a very long and collaborative track record working with our local leaders and we will, once again, suppor…

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