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A Legacy and A Future

Royal Mountain Assembly of God

Abundant Life started as Royal Mountain Assembly of God in 1979. The church met at the Silverthorne Fire Station. It moved to the home of one of the church members behind what is now the new High Country Health Care clinic, across from the old Village. The church was started by Tom Fritch and his wife, Janet.

After the Fritch's left for Denver to start a ministry to the homeless, The church had outgrown the home where they were meeting and moved to the Dillon Fire Station, for a short time, then to the Ramada Inn. During this time the plans to build a church for the nomadic congregation went into high gear.  A lot was purchased on the corner of Palmer Drive and Rainbow Drive in Silverthorne; and the owners donated the adjacent lot.

Everyone in the church worked many hours to build church. It was a very exciting time. We had our first service in our new church on New Year's Eve of 1981! There was no carpet on the floors, and the basement was not finished, but we delighted and felt so blessed to finally have our very own church. Right before moving into the new sanctuary, the name was changed from Royal Mountain Assembly of God, to Abundant Life Church.

Abundant Life Church

The early 1980's was a time of tremendous growth for Abundant Life. The church was alive with all sorts of programs, ministries, and activities. This continued over the next several years. Under the capable leadership of our pastors Abundant Life touched many lives in Summit County. We certainly experience our share of challenges, but the Lord has always been faithful and good.

In 1991 our Associate Pastor, Kay Robinson, came to Summit County from North Central Bible College for a summer internship. She never left!

In the early 2000's, tragedy struck as our pastor's wife died from cancer. It was devastating to all of us and we went through a time of mourning as a church. In 2004, a new pastor came that started a ministry of healing and restoration. Building on his ministry, our current Pastor, Jeff McElhattan is taking Abundant Life through period of renewal and rebuilding. These are very exciting times for us!

Pastors Who Have Served Abundant Life

  • Tom & Janet Fritch - 1979-1981
  • Charles & Mae Turner - 1981-1983
  • David & Karen Huntworth - 1983-1991
  • Ron & Sue Rockwell - 1991-1998
  • Mark & MaShelle Klingenburg - 1998-2001
  • Russ & Roxanne Goodrum - 2001-2004
  • Rick & Marietta Walls - 2004-2010
  • Jeff & Cheryl McElhattan - 2011-2014
  • Kay Robinson - Present